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Hannah weaving

lombok han weaving


More weaving at the Sukarara village.  If you look carefully, you’ll see that my daughter is tied into the loom – there is a board behind her back and it is tied to the board in front of her.  This way, she can hold the weaving tight as she weaves.  This particular weaving will take two months to finish.

Just a few boats

lombok ampenan

We took a tour of the west of Lombok and our driver took us to Ampenan.  Ampenan is a town that is now part of the greater Mataram area (Mataram is the capital city of Lombok).  Ampenan is also a town full of fishermen.  These are their boats.  Well…this is the front row of boats. There are two, or three, rows of boats behind this row.

Every night, all of the fishermen push these boats out into the water and fish, and in the morning they come back in and take their fish to market.  When I think about the hundreds of boats on the beach, I cannot imagine it empty, yet every night it is.

Super Sokka…


Super Sokka means “excellent tile”.  The stack of tiles, above, are roof tiles, made by hand, in a village Central Java.  We met the woman who was making the tiles – she presses out the mix of mud and clay with this medieval looking manual press – and she said that this was her job and that she pressed these out all day long, all year long.

And she seemed happy.  I don’t know if something that routine could keep me happy.  I also don’t know if something that routine actually makes her happy, or if she was just smiling because a couple of expats found what she does so interesting.

People are people…

…just trying to make a living and feed families and take care of themselves.

Btw, the thing he’s wearing on his face is a hygienic mask.  Everyone seems to wear them here for two main purposes:  they wear them when they have colds and don’t want to infect everyone around them, and they wear them if they spend a great deal of time around car exhaust.  I don’t know for which reason he’s wearing his, but he doesn’t seem concerned that it’s not over his nose and mouth.  Maybe it’s just a sartorial choice.

Worker’s safety…

…means something very different here in Jakarta than it does in Vancouver, BC.  I saw these guys moving rebar on Saturday after I finished playing basketball with some other teachers.  As I pulled out my camera, they saw me and smiled.  The only thought I had was, “Wow!  That’s an…interesting…way to move rebar off the top of a truck.”

There is construction going on all around my school, as it is in a high-rise building in a new development, and I’ve seen some very interesting situations.  I’ve watched guys cut tile and, rather than wear safety glasses, they line up their grinder and look away as they cut.  I’ve watched welders use $3 sunglasses to spot weld railings.  The most shocking one?  I watched a guy climb up and through some ironwork on the outside of the 13th floor, grab hold of some chain, lift himself up and crawl up to the 14th floor.  No harness.  No scaffolding.  Just some guy, freestyle climbing up the outside of a building, 14 floors above the ground.  I watched like one might watch traffic, waiting for an accident to happen, hoping it doesn’t, but thinking it might.

I’m very thankful for the safety rules that we have in North America.  I never have been before, but I am now.

Bragging? No. Really.

Tomorrow morning, at 8:00, I’ll be welcoming up to 240 9th Grade students to my school.  Along with forty-eight student leaders, I’ll be attempting to entertain and inspire these students to greatness in their first year of high school.  It won’t be easy.  It will be fun.  I will pass out when it’s all over.  This post ends now, because I have to go read the script you see above one more time.  And probably again.  And once more…