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My wife’s (a) flower

lombok frangipaniMy wife is a big fan of these flowers.  They grow everywhere around here.  What you see above is a Frangipani.  They are incredibly fragrant and ubiquitous in Indonesia.

A tip for all of you newly married (and maybe old-married) people out there:  find out what your significant other’s favorite flower is and bring it home every once in a while.  Just because.


Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie.

I met you when I was the new kid in Grade 9.  You sat across the row from me in Mr. Jaarsma’s homeroom class.  We got to know each other over our four years of high school and, after we graduated, I decided I didn’t want to live without you.  We dated, got married and had two amazing children.

It’s been twenty-three and half years since I met you, honey, and we’ve been married for seventeen and a half of them and I love you more now that I ever have.

I’m glad I’m yours.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


By the way, that’s a photo I took last night.  It’s called “light-writing” and I just opened up the shutter with a remote shutter release in a dark basement and drew a couple of hearts with a flashlight.