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Blue Sky

I never thought I’d miss the sky.  I grew up in rural Saskatchewan, and I was never short of blue sky.  Even in the winters, we’d have more hours of clear, cold blue sky than most people get in a really nice summer.  When I moved to British Columbia, the Vancouver area, I gave up a lot of that blue sky.  But when it wasn’t raining, the sky was blue.  Azure.  At times, almost sapphire.

Then I moved to Jakarta.  There are moments when the sky is blue.  Sometimes, when I’m outside swimming I can look up and see a little spot of blue, between the gray-brown-white-ish clouds.  The geography of Jakarta lends itself to a sort of mixing bowl effect.  When you add together the ingredients of twenty-some million people, millions of cars and motorcycles, a lack of good sanitation, and a low-lying city surrounded by hills, you get a nearly complete lack of blue sky.

When I visited Palu, there were kilometers in every direction of blue sky.  Spectacular.  Totally amazing.  I miss blue sky.

Street shot: The Orpheum and The Vogue theaters.

This is a shot of Granville Street in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  It is one of my favorite streets in any city I’ve been in.  Besides the comic stores and record stores, it also has two of the most amazing theaters: the Vogue and the Orpheum.  Both beautiful and classic.

Black and white always makes me feel cold.

What is it about black and white photos that feels so cold?

It was a very cool morning when I shot this.  I was wearing a cardigan sweater and t-shirt and freezing my niblets off as I stood on the back end of the ferry to take this shot.  When I was playing around with this in processing, I flipped the RAW photo to grayscale and felt that the photo suddenly matched the feeling that I had while I was on the ferry.

So, why it is that black and white photos feel cold?  Anyone?

The never-ending (construction) story

There was a moment during my most recent trip to Vancouver where I realized that I have not been to Vancouver in the last five years when there has not been major construction right in this area.  As you can see from the photo above, the biggest business in Vancouver is the construction business.

Monster riding an escalator!

I haven’t got a clue where he came from, but directly below me, riding the escalator backwards, was a monster.  He tried to look vicious, but it just made him look cuter.  He flashed his fangs and tried to intimidate me, but I stood my ground and took a quick photo.  I survived the encounter, but just barely.

If you’re near the Granville station, watch out.  He might be lurking.