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WordPress Photo Challenge: Green

I like the green in Indonesia.  There is so much, and so little, in Jakarta.  Jakarta has palm trees and greenery everywhere, but no parks, no lawns, no big green spaces.  Travelling out to Yogyakarta was very refreshing – lots of rice fields and parks and green spaces.

The mountain in the one shot is Mount Merapi,  Yes, the one that blows up every few years with devastating results.  It’s lava and ash are what make this ground so great for growing green things.  A blessing and a curse, I guess.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Blue

Sometimes a color stands out better because it is in contrast to another color.

Here’s the blue, blue sky of this Mother’s Day weekend.

Clouds like cotton candy


I love when the sun shines, but there’s something pretty about the way the clouds look like so much cotton candy topping the mountains around here.

A grey day…or black and white.

Thanks, Ansel, for the inspiration.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep…

…but I have promises to keep.  And miles to go before I sleep.

Thanks, Robert Frost.

Ansel Adams is one of my heroes

There’s a story I read, once, that Ansel Adams told about his “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico” photo.  It is one of the most evocative photos, with the moonlight reflecting off of gravestones and crosses in a cemetery in New Mexico.  As he tells it, he was driving away from another photo shoot.  He saw the moonlight reflecting off the cemetery as he was driving, so he pulled over to the side of the road, took out his camera and climbed up on his car, set up his tripod, managed a shot and…then the moon moved on.  A minute later and he would never have taken this photo.

It’s a cool story because of the timing.  Much of what makes a good photo is timing.

Above is my photo taken along the Sumas River.  It’s as much of an Adams photo as I’ve taken so far.  He will continue to inspire me and I will continue to photograph.

I’m a little late…

…on Photo Friday’s Challenge this week, but I was having trouble finding anything that met the topic of “Greenery“.

This was taken quite some time ago, May I think, but I think it might be green enough to meet the challenge.  It was taken at Cultus Lake, above it, in fact, on the Seven Sisters Trail.  The “Seven Sisters” are seven old growth giant Douglas Fir trees.  They are impressive.  If you ever get out to Cultus Lake, BC, they’re well worth the walk.

My mind is foggy…

…and tomorrow’s the first day back to work after two weeks off.

Wish me luck…and clarity.

Strength and Fragility

The emblem of my country is the maple leaf.  It’s not very impressive if you compare it to the eagle of the USA or the lion of England.  If you know maple trees, though, you’ll know this is a paradoxical symbol that is a poetic way to look at Canada.

The leaf is fragile.  It is easily detached from the tree.  In Autumn, it dies.  In Spring, it grows all over again.  It is beautiful.

The maple tree, however, is not fragile.  It is a hard wood.  It burns slowly and hotly.  It grows all over the world and lives a very long time.

If you extend these meanings to Canada, I guess you could say that we Canadians are fragile and beautiful but what holds us together makes us strong and enduring.  Not too bad, as far as national symbols go.

I wandered lonely as a tree…trees…grove of trees?

The sun was out for a bit this afternoon and my drive home was kind of pretty.  I stopped on Number 2 Road to shoot this.  The sun was catching everything perfectly and there was room on the side of the road, so lucky me.

I ran it through processing and tried out this sepia tone.  What do you think?

Sometimes you feel like a nut…

…and other times you stop your car along the side of the road, put the hazard lights on, run around to the passenger side of the car to get your camera to take “that” photo of a hazelnut orchard because the light is catching it just right.  All the while, wearing a solid wall of black (shoes, pants, belt, button-front shirt) and a hot pink tie, thereby weirding out all drivers passing by.

Or does that just happen to me?  Just me?  Oh…well then…carry on.


Sun in the willows.

Yesterday as I was driving home, I took a detour through one of the farm roads near where I live.  We had an uncharacteristic hour or two of sun yesterday and the light was jumping off a grove of willow trees growing out along the boundary between one farm and another.  My camera, however, was at home, so I got off not one shot.

Today, hoping that providence would shine on me (and the trees) I hefted my camera into the passenger seat on the way home.  The sun did not disappoint.  While the surrounding areas were darkened by the clouds you can see above, those willows shone.  I love willow trees as long as they’re not in my yard and I don’t have to trim them or rake up after them.  In spring, they are wonderful and yellowy-green as they come back to life.  Apparently the sun and I share an appreciation of them.

A walk in the park.

A bit of a rehash, although I’ve never posted this particular photo before.  This is from the first days of my current camera.  I snapped this back in the autumn of 2009.  I’m posting it here, today, because of Photo Friday‘s “Trees” challenge this week.  Seeing as how it’s been raining torrents here in the Lower Mainland and I’ve been finishing off the second term of the first semester of school, I’ve had few chances to shoot anything new in the past week.  So, here’s a walk in the park, so to speak.

I love the colors, which is saying something because the lower mainland of British Columbia does not get a very long, nor vibrant, fall.  We have two seasons:  wet, and for two weeks in the summer, hot.  I’m not complaining.  I’m flying to Edmonton next weekend and already I have a chill in my underpants thinking about weather at 20 degrees below zero, so warm and rainy is not so bad.  But when I have to miss out on all four seasons, I might be allowed to whine a little.  So…wah.