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WordPress Photo Challenge: Today

We’re packing up and getting ready to go in a month and a bit.  There is another garage sale coming soon – two weeks? – and too many decisions about what to keep, what to store, and what to transport.

If you have an eight year old son like I do, you’d have to figure out a way to transport some of the massive collection of Lego we’ve accrued over the last five years.  I can tell you that this will be the hardest decision we have to make.  How much to take.  Which pieces to take.  Which minifigures to bring along and which to abandon to the storage locker.

Hmm…Lego has never been such a stressful thing.

Happy Birthday to me!

“This is the last time I let Robin choose my mode of transportation.  I guess it’s payback for all those years in green tights.”

It was my birthday today and my family, who loves me so much, got me a Batman Lego set.  I stole the bike from another one of my son’s sets of Lego.  Wouldn’t you love to see Batman on a mountain bike?

It’s a Lego Disaster Zone

“I don’t know who made this mess, but I’m not cleaning it up.”

My son and I took on the task of rebuilding all of his Lego minifigures today.  I started in the afternoon.  After dinner, we took on the task of finishing the building project.  We’ve not quite completed the job, but the count is at 145 at this point.  We don’t have many left to put together, but I think the number will be well over 150.  On one hand, that seems like a ridiculous number.  On the other, they take up almost no space and, on average, are made up of four pieces plus an accessory.  That doesn’t sound near as crazy.

Either way, I’m jealous of the collection of Lego my son gets to play with on a daily basis.

The Invincible Bob

Bob was pretty sure that he was at a disadvantage when it came to experience.  Captains Blackbeard, Sparrow and Barbossa all had a great deal more pirate experience than he did.  If it came down to a fair fight, he would lose.  Bob wasn’t even sure he was correctly holding the sword.  In fact, if he were to admit it, he was pretty sure he wasn’t holding it correctly.

He did, however, hold one distinct advantage over his opponents.  He was already dead.


Oh, sure. Darth Vader can fire the Death Star, but the rest of us have to conserve.

TK 413 was pretty sure that riding his bike was saving the environment, but he longed to ride his speeder again.

And he was darn sure that Darth Vader wasn’t riding his Schwinn.

Steve, the lonely Snowtrooper.

“Join the Corps!” his friends told him.  “See the galaxy.”

No one told Steve that the galaxy would be this cold.  If only he had some hot cocoa.

New recruits have to ride bicycles until they pass the TIE fighter pilot test.

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.  Who parked this thing here?  How am I going to get to work?”

Lego: just hangin’ around

We had gotten up at 4:00 am to get to the plane on time, spent a couple of hours flying, a couple of hours waiting for luggage and then in transportation to the hotel.  We had packed our luggage into the hotel and then had a few hours to kill.  I thought my kids were going to falter, spaz out, start crying uncontrollably.

While killing time, we traveled to “Downtown Disney.”  My children, who minutes earlier were begging to be carried and asking when we could go to the hotel to lie down, started dancing to the soundtrack of my wife’s life (think ’80’s and ’90’s top 40).

Ben, who begs to be carried and to go home at the best of times, saw the Lego Store in the offing and broke into a sprint.  I thought of calling after him.  Instead, I broke into a sprint as well, and tried to beat him to the store.  Childlike excitement, 1; maturity, 0.

Pentax K20D; Pentax DA 18-55mm AL II; f6.3; ISO 100; 1/125 sec.