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Pensive child

…although, it could be boredom.  I can’t tell if he was posing and making sure that I snapped a few photos of him, or if he was bored and didn’t care that I was photographing him.

Oh, and for those of you who are new here, he’s my son.

Hula hoop and snowboard.

Hmm…I wonder if they’re going to the same place.

Why is it that a day off is more exhausting than a day at work?

Seriously.  Is it because I’ve been holding on all week, only to crash on a full day away from work?

Is it because driving from the library to Future Shop to the produce market to the supermarket is inherently tiring?

Is it that I have much more time to over-think things to the point of exhaustion?

Here’s a photo that has nothing to do with what I’ve written.  Ha!  Take that, logical sequences of thought.

Thinking beachy thoughts

I’m sick.  That horrible, sore, head-achy, want to lie around on the couch while slipping in and out of consciousness kind of sick.  Besides the ginger ale and rest, I’m thinking about the beach, in hopes that the happy thoughts will help me feel better.

Here’s hoping.

The path to photographic adventure

I’ve had people ask me where I shoot some of my graffiti photos.  I shot the six photos above on the way in (the first three) and on the way out (the last three) as I headed back to the car.

Often, when I describe it, people ask me, “You really go down there?” and, “Isn’t it a little sketchy?” and, “How did you find it?”

Let me answer these questions.

1.  Yes.  I really do go down there.  I’ve never felt completely unsafe, but I do leave my wallet in the car and carry my Blackberry with me.

2.  Yes.  It is a little sketchy.  I once came upon a homeless “campsite”.  I felt like I had just walked into someone’s bedroom.  It was weird.  I was trespassing on BC Rail land, but I felt like I had violated some person’s home.  Weird.

3.  I found it by living near it.  The house in which I used to live was a couple of kilometers away, so I used to drive past this stretch of railway underpass.  One day I noticed a large, colorful piece of street art.  I found a nearby place to park and took a walk through the area.  What I discovered was a street art paradise.  So cool.  I had driven past it hundreds of times, but had never really looked closely.  Now I go down there once a month.  It’s like documenting a living, ever-changing art exhibit.

BTW, more graffiti tomorrow.

Also, I know you call two photos together a diptych, and three are a triptych, but six?  Is it a sestych?  sextych?  I don’t know, but I hope you like it.

I drive a sports car; the rules don’t apply.

While I waited for my daughter to get out of class a couple of days ago, I noticed this sign on the driveway of her school.  I also noticed the sports car in the background.  I know that it is a sports car and not a bus because it is small, silver, and has a spoiler on the back of it.  I rode the school bus when I was a kid and know that a bus is huge, yellow, and does not (unless it’s in a demolition derby or some kind of school bus version of a Formula One style race) have a spoiler.  My deductive reasoning skills tell me that this car is out of place.

It is also out of place not just because someone is breaking the rules but because someone at my daughter’s school drives a sports car at all.  Most teachers do not drive sports cars.  The obvious reason is economics, given our current rough times.  The less obvious reason is that most teachers I know are sensible, reasonable people who would see little need in driving a car with more horsepower and performance capability than they could or would ever use.  We’re practical people, us teachers.  Sports cars aren’t practical.  And…oh…I just figured it out.

This car must belong to a parent.  Never mind.

Pentax K20D; Pentax M SMC 50mm; f1.7; ISO 100; 1/640 sec.