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Inner City: Photo Friday

I went downtown in my city, Chilliwack, yesterday and snapped this shot.

I’ve always loved this old theater.  My wife and I, when we were dating, went to see a couple of movies in this theater.  Schindler’s List and Dragon:  The Bruce Lee Story.  It was old then, but it had character.

The company that owned this theater sold it to the city a couple of years ago for something like a dollar.  I think it may have been only a dollar.  The intent, as I gathered it, was that the city would do something with it and turn it into something for the community.

So far…nothing.  The neon tubes, which is hinted at in the shadows on the PARAMOUNT sign, are gone or broken or falling apart.  The windows are boarded up.  It looks sad.

It could be a foundation for a revitalized downtown area.  Instead, it is an anchor holding it down.

Street shot: The Orpheum and The Vogue theaters.

This is a shot of Granville Street in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  It is one of my favorite streets in any city I’ve been in.  Besides the comic stores and record stores, it also has two of the most amazing theaters: the Vogue and the Orpheum.  Both beautiful and classic.