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WordPress Photo Challenge: Together

What keeps us apart from each other?  Some people think it’s 21st century technology, pushing us to distance ourselves from each other, relegated to text and Facebook and tweet our way through relationships.

Me?  I think it’s doors.  Just walk through.  Then we can be together.

Monitor Igloo!

This photograph is the cause of probably one of my happiest school-based moments in the past few weeks.

I went to discuss something with my colleague who is in charge of our IT department.  He wasn’t in the room – sick day or something – so I went through to the back room where old, dead monitors and computer towers go to die.  The room had served as a graveyard of sorts for all of the defunct computers and accessories from the entire school.  They were being collected to be properly recycled.  Due to the more immediate technological problems in our school system, many of our dead monitors had not been picked up, so my colleague decided to build an igloo out of them.

I laughed.  I guffawed.  I chuckled.  The only thing I wish was that it was hollow and that I could have climbed inside.  Instead, I went out to my car, grabbed my camera and snapped some shots.

Sunsets are always nice

I learned something about how my photographic habits have changed since switching from film to digital.  I took my Pentax K1000 with me to Oregon and snapped off a roll and a half.  I took my film camera up onto the dune and down onto the beach and snapped off some lovely photos.  And then there was this sad moment…

I snapped off my first photo and felt the familiar “chunk” of the camera’s mirror snapping back in place and then I pulled the camera from my eye and looked at the back of it to see how the photo turned out.  On the LCD screen.  That doesn’t exist on the back of the camera that was produced in 1976.  Hmm…that was an unforeseen stupidity on my part.  I chastised myself for having become reliant on technology to tell me that my photo was good.

I snapped another photo and once again looked at the back of the camera.  Twice stupid.  Yeesh…

Another photo.  Another look.  Oh, for crying out loud.

Over the next few days I snapped off the rest of the roll and must have looked at the back of the camera at least ten more times.

Oh.  The photo above was snapped on one of the evenings on my K1000.  Nice sunset, I think.  And below, that’s what I kept looking at expecting to see an LCD screen. Ha.