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Juxtaposition…Sacred and Profane


masjid toilet

Can I let you figure this one out?


Lots of steam but no lava.  Is it dumb that I was disappointed to not see lava?  If there was lava, it would probably have been too dangerous for me to visit the volcano, but without it?  It was still beautiful, and impressive…but no lava.

Photo Friday: Mood

What mood do you read off this guy?

People are people…

…just trying to make a living and feed families and take care of themselves.

Btw, the thing he’s wearing on his face is a hygienic mask.  Everyone seems to wear them here for two main purposes:  they wear them when they have colds and don’t want to infect everyone around them, and they wear them if they spend a great deal of time around car exhaust.  I don’t know for which reason he’s wearing his, but he doesn’t seem concerned that it’s not over his nose and mouth.  Maybe it’s just a sartorial choice.

Commercialization of a volcano site


Tangkuban Perahu is an active volcano that is about a two hours’ drive from where I live.  It is about 30km north of Bandung, and it is a hub for local merchants.  The shot above is of all of the shops, both retail and food, that line the northernmost part of the trail.  There are at least five times as many shops on the total site, but this shot offered the best vantage point of the shops and trail.