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WordPress Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

I am not one who likes to put himself in front of the camera.

In front of a crowd?  Yes.

In front of a classroom?  Yes.

In front of my peers?  Sure.

In front of my elders?  You bet.

In front of small children?  Why not.

In front of the camera?  I’d prefer not.

So this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge was more of a personal challenge for me than a photographic one.  In response, here is a collage of things that make up me.  Consider it a self-portrait, of sorts, please.  If you need an explanation of any of it, please ask.

Whoever wears this helmet, if he be worthy…

…will possess the power of the mighty Thor.  No, wait.  That’s the hammer to which Odin was referring, not the helmet.  Sorry.  I got that all wrong.

On the other hand, given the mustache, this could be, say, Don Quixote.

Maybe a steampunk Iron Man, with Tony Stark circa 1981.  Actually, now that I think about it, that is much more interesting than the whole “Thor” thing.

It could be, however, that the artist who created this painting had nothing superhero-ish in mind at all.  Maybe it’s a comment on the way in which we’re all masked through our use of technology and that “nothing is but what is not.”  A sort of post-modern Macbeth-ian interpretation of our Facebooked, texted, Twittered society, wherein we guard ourselves against life by creating insular armor of emoticons and 140 character blurbs about our exercise regimens and bathroom habits.  Maybe the artist is begging us to embrace the humanity behind the armor, behind the guarded personalities we project through our use of smartphones and iPhones.

Or, maybe he just thought that a glowing aura helmet guy would look cool.


Canucks Win! Canucks Win! Canucks Win! (On to the third round)

For the first time in my adult life since 1994 I’ve watched every one of the Canucks games in a second round series.  I have been impressed with the Canucks’ ability to blow my blood pressure completely out of normal range, even when I’m medicated.  Even when they’re winning, I’m freaked out that they might lose.  I like the insurance that a two goal lead provides, and whenever they have one, a goal is scored against them and I’m back to feeling my heart pound against my sternum, threatening to break free and run for good.

There have been two superheroes in this series and one of them has been making me smile throughout the regular season and against the Blackhawks.  Batman Ryan Kesler and Superman Mason Raymond.

The Superman for the Canucks in this round was Mason Raymond.  I’m not saying he’s invincible, but he flies in from nowhere and then disappears – faster than a speeding bullet.  Watching him come across the red line nonchalantly and then turn on afterburners from who knows where only to steal the puck and put it on net, leaping small defensemen ina single bound (and then, not so Supermanly, careen into the boards, a Predator defender, or a linesman) is fun and makes me think that he’s been getting tips from Clark Kent.  I guess if I was hard-pressed he’s more like the Flash than Supes, but I don’t have a Flash action figure, so what was I supposed to do.

The Batman to his Supes is Ryan Kesler.  This guy does the dirty work that no one else wants to and takes the physicality of a game like hockey to an artistic level.  He grinds away at the patience of defenders and goalies and fans by refusing to give up the front of his opponents’ nets.  He takes a puck to the face and only misses a shift.  He’s the (un)caped Canuck Crusader.  He’s the Dark Knight of Robson Street.  He’s…well, he’s impressive all the time for doing what most everyone else cannot.

So you know how I feel.  How about you?  Oh, and Nashville fans – you have one heck of a team and it was fun to watch this series.  Congratulations.

Batman/Superman team-up; I have the best family ever.

The “Superman” blue is on the wall.  I’m not sure how many other 37 year olds would be crazy enough to turn the entire basement into a shrine to Batman and Superman (the two greatest superheroes ever!).  I’m even less sure of how many families would let their husband/father paint the basement in the color schemes of his favorite comic book heroes.  I have a great family.

I painted the east wall in the basement today.  I have some fun ahead of me when I start on the “Batman” grey, but the blue is up.  It looks amazing.  The basement went from a dull, flat white, with the marks of a lived-in basement, to a brilliant, vibrant blue.  It took a few hours, but the difference is incredible.  Now I just have to figure out where, and how, I’m going to present all of my action figures, maquettes and Batman lunch box.