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Happy Wednesday!

Here’s a train station photo to go with Wednesday.  They have nothing to do with one another.

As for the title on today’s post, I’m all for celebrating the mundane and routine.  I once ordered a birthday cake from my local Safeway and when the cake lady (clerk?  baker?  decorator?) asked what I wanted written on it, I responded with, “Just write, ‘Happy Thursday!'”  She looked at me quizzically and I explained that it was Thursday and I wanted a birthday cake.  Seeing as how the writing came with the cake, I figured why not celebrate the day.

If you’d like to have some fun today, go around exclaiming to everyone you see, “Happy Wednesday!”  See what happens.

Ask them how they feel about cake.  Then ask them what they think of public transportation.  I guarantee that you’ll be smiling as they begin to question your sanity.  Whee!


Missed the Train

Today is going to be a horrendous day.  I’ve got a pep rally to help run and my leadership students will be setting up for a professional development day after school.  Ahh…but I’m not marking this weekend, so I actually get a weekend.

I can get through the day.  I can get through the day.  I can get…


Oh, and look.  Public transportation.  I was so busy thinking of my day that I forgot there was a photo up there.

Hula hoop and snowboard.

Hmm…I wonder if they’re going to the same place.


It’s always lovely when a photographic subject does exactly what I want.

Last night, after I had dinner, I walked over to the Skytrain station at Lougheed Town Center Station and bought a ticket.  I didn’t ride the train, but I was supposed to buy a ticket in order to get to the area wherein I could ride if I wanted.  I bought the ticket so that I could shoot some photos of people waiting for the train.

I got a bunch of good photos, but this one was particularly appreciated, seeing as how this young man turned and looked back at the exact moment I snapped the photo.  To him: thanks.