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Day at the beach

Seminyak beach

We spent the day at Seminyak Beach.  It was a beautiful day, and we all got burnt.  We’ve been living in Jakarta for the last six months and, although it’s always warm, we’ve never been in direct sunlight for much time.  At the beach in Bali, we all spent so much time out in the sun and everybody in the family went to bed with a little extra redness.

I will admit that in spite of the sunburns, I loved being in the salty ocean air.  The water of the Indian Ocean is so warm, far warmer than any ocean water I’ve ever been in, but the sky was blue and the air was fresh…ish.  Wonderful day.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

sepia night 2

There are two seasons in Jakarta, maybe in all of Indonesia: hot and sunny(ish – it’s not always easy to tell with the smog), and hot and rainy.  The rainy season is a bit of a debate – most people have their own definition of the rainy season: oh, it’s from November to January…no, it’s from October to December…no, wait, it’s from December to March.  Then, wait, it’s from March to April.  No one seems to know.  The consensus right now is that we’re in the rainy season.  This is what the sky looks like after it rains.

Yes,it’s full colour.  Yes, it looks like it’s been shoved through a filter.  Not, it hasn’t been.

Blue Sky

I never thought I’d miss the sky.  I grew up in rural Saskatchewan, and I was never short of blue sky.  Even in the winters, we’d have more hours of clear, cold blue sky than most people get in a really nice summer.  When I moved to British Columbia, the Vancouver area, I gave up a lot of that blue sky.  But when it wasn’t raining, the sky was blue.  Azure.  At times, almost sapphire.

Then I moved to Jakarta.  There are moments when the sky is blue.  Sometimes, when I’m outside swimming I can look up and see a little spot of blue, between the gray-brown-white-ish clouds.  The geography of Jakarta lends itself to a sort of mixing bowl effect.  When you add together the ingredients of twenty-some million people, millions of cars and motorcycles, a lack of good sanitation, and a low-lying city surrounded by hills, you get a nearly complete lack of blue sky.

When I visited Palu, there were kilometers in every direction of blue sky.  Spectacular.  Totally amazing.  I miss blue sky.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Blue

Sometimes a color stands out better because it is in contrast to another color.

Here’s the blue, blue sky of this Mother’s Day weekend.

Silhouette study: tree

It was around 10 below zero tonight and I had no desire to be outside any longer than I needed to and then the sky presented the silhouette of this tree.  It is situated across the street from my house and it tempts me regularly.  It’s like it keeps saying, “Photograph me.”

So, tonight I granted the tree its wish.

These are the clouds in my backyard. Neat, huh?

There was a horrible rainstorm when I left exam marking today.  As I made my way out to the valley, the clouds broke up and blue sky took over.  It was refreshing, as I’m used to it working the other way – blue sky in Vancouver and clouds and showers in the Valley.  However, if the nimbus underbelly of these cumulus clouds is any indication, the showers may have followed me home.

I’ve always felt as though cloud shots never quite pan out the right way, but I just shot these a few minutes ago and then I merged three photos to get the full view of the clouds in my backyard.