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sibling love

I took this photo while shooting on the fly.  I was walking to work and a couple of students got our of their car ahead of me.  As we walked up to the school, the brother placed his hand on his sister’s backpack and guided her to where she needed to be on the path.  It was a small, kind gesture…a brotherly gesture.  I got this shot off just before he removed his hand.

Sad cake is sad, but delicious.

I love finding unintended faces in objects.  In this case, my sister made a brilliant and delicious cherry-chip birthday cake for herself.  She, being the candy addict she is, covered it in jelly beans, fuzzy peach rings, gummy fruit slices and skittles.  When it was served I noticed that my piece was frowning.  I think this is because of two things:  one, my sister made her own birthday cake.  She can say whatever she likes about being a busy mother of two boys under four years old but I think it’s a little sad to have to make your own cake.  The second reason is that this piece of cake got one look at me and my belly and thought, “There’s no hope.  I will be eaten.  Entirely.”

Poor sad cake.  You’re so sad.