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Walk a mile…


…in someone else’s shoes.  In this case, the shoes belong to a man who scavenges for a living.  I pass men, women, and children who scavenge to live every morning as I head to school.  They work their way through the trash of Kemang residences, looking for things that will bring them income.

Walk a mile in this pair of shoes.  I doubt I would make it through a day.

Photo Friday: Walk

Those are my pretty Asics Nimbus shoes.  I went out for a run this afternoon, but my psychological state worked against my physical being.  So, it was a walk instead of a run.  I walked.  It worked.  Nice day.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Hopes spring eternal

I was texting my wife while my feet were up on my desk in my office at work.  She asked me how my day was going.  I believe I answered something like, “Craptastic.”  She asked why and I explained that there had been a snafu regarding thirty of my English 11 exams and that there was a steady stream of other craptacular things happening.  She suggested I do something about this, and I answered her, in a text, with the following:

“The past cannot be undone. Only through how we handle the present will we show our true character. Whether we help those in front of us, deal with the situation we are currently facing – these are the things that determine our direction for the future.”

And isn’t that what hope is?  Believing that the outcome of present circumstances will be positive.  So don’t dwell on the past.  Don’t spend your day dreaming of the future.  Believe that your circumstances will turn out positively and then put your hope into action.

And then?  Put your feet up.

WordPress’ Photo Challenge this week is “Hope“.

Inanimate friends?

I’m not talking about zombies, although I do love them a lot.

I’m talking about those things that grow on you, those things that take on a life of their own.  Those things that you have and wear and keep for a long time and when it comes time to retire them you’re not sure if you want to get rid of them or bronze them.

It’s pretty stupid, really.  They are just things, after all.  It is a solid reminder of the consumption-driven lives most of us lead.  It is a symptom of a society that is becoming enamored of things and not people, of virtual relationships rather than actual relationships.  It’s the purse you can’t part with, the iPod that finally charged one last time, the VCR that still plays but not well.  In my case, it’s a pair of ASICS Fortitudes that have almost given up the ghost.  They hug me in just the right way.  They support me.  They…

…are inanimate.  And they will have to go soon.




I’m a geek! as if this is news…

These are my new shoes.  I am very excited about my new shoes.  Converse made my new shoes.  Batman is on my new shoes.  The Dark Knight.  The World’s Greatest Detective.  The Caped Crusader.  The protector of Gotham City.  My hero.

New shoes + Batman = greatest shoes ever.  EVER!


Lonely shoes are lonely…I wonder who will claim them

Perhaps somewhere there is someone thinking, “Where are my shoes?  I know I can’t have lost another pair.  Argh…”

Or, perhaps, someone spontaneously combusted, leaving only their shoes behind.

Or, perhaps, the rapture happened for this guy and all that’s left of his earthly form is his shoes.

Or, perhaps, there was a falling out between the man and the shoes and the man left them here to teach them a lesson.

Or, perhaps…

What do you think happened?

Thank you, Dr. Martens. Thank you.

I need to declare this.  I must be forthright.

I love my Dr. Martens shoes.

There.  Now that it’s out in the open, I want to extol their virtues.

1.  They’re comfortable.

2.  They look nice.

3.  Uh…did I say they look nice?

Anyway, they’re my favorite shoes.  I used to have a pair of 8 hole Docs when I was in high school.  They accompanied me to such concerts as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Jesus and Mary Chain, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Waterboys, and Tragically Hip.  It’s as though my memories of music and live concerts are inextricably joined to my Docs.  They went with me everywhere.  I finally wore them completely down about 15 years ago.  I replaced them with the shoes you see above.  I went nearly ten years without Docs and now that they’re back in my life, they will never leave.  I’ll never let them go.  I love them.

Here’s another quick shot:

I just put it right there!

Someday, when my kids are grown up, I will be able to walk along the trail by the river.  As long as my kids are along, however, we must spend time in or next to the river.  My son has to be reminded regularly that the river is moving very quickly and that falling in might be disastrous.  His response is always, “I know.  I won’t.  I know.”

So when we went to the river yesterday, I reminded him of all the dangers involved.  Then he decided to take off his Crocs to wash the mud out of them.

My wife:  “Don’t lose your shoes down the river.”

Ben:  “I know.  I won’t.  I know.”

My wife:  “Where’s your other shoe?”

Ben:  “I put it right there (pointing at the shore behind him).”

My wife:  “Well, where is it?”

Ben:  “I just put it right there (with indignation).”

My wife:  “It’s not there now.”

Ben:  “But I just put it right there!  (big pause)  Uh oh.”

Ben was carried from the river back to the vehicle, so he was rewarded.  My wife and I, who shared carrying duties, were punished for not stapling Ben’s shoes to his feet.  Oh, and the photo above, those are Ben’s feet after the mishap.

Pentax K20D; Pentax DA 18-55mm AL II; f5.6; ISO 100; 1/640 sec.