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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique


I don’t like Photoshop effects that make a photo look unreal, unless the effect that the “photographer” is going for is something other than real. I do use it for my photos – specifically curves and levels – to change the contrast, but I try to avoid the bulk of what Photoshop offers me.

I also avoid self-portraits, or, truth be told, any photographs of me. I’d rather be behind the camera than in front of it.

Those two bits of info make this photo unique. I shot this photo of myself, then processed it by layering me on top of the background, then Gaussian blurred the background layer and switched it to black and white. Then I played with the top layer, me, a little be lowering the saturation level. Plus, it’s a photo of me.

I got my hair cut today as well, so I figured today was a good day to “shoot myself”, as it were.

An unexpected journey

I never do this.  I never post photos of me.  It seems that I would always rather be behind the camera, never in front of it.  But this week’s photo challenge, Journey, spawned a bit of self-reflection.  There have been a few changes around my house lately, and I’ve been hinting at big things, but there’s big news.

For those of you who’ve been around here for a while, this next sentence might come as a bit of a surprise.  I’m moving to Indonesia for two years, and I’m leaving in three months.  My wife and I will be teaching in an international school and my children will be attending the same school.  We are going on a journey.  Oh, and this has only been in the works for five weeks, but in those five weeks we’ve talked with the school director and his wife, applied to work at the school, been interviewed and accepted, signed contracts and now?  Well, now we’re selling our house and all earthly possessions (almost) to get ready to move.

The photo above was a failed attempt at a work permit photo.  It didn’t work for the permit – too much glare off the background – but it gave me a chance to share my journey with you.

By the way, has anyone here been to Jakarta?  Any advice for a soon-to-be expat?


Late note here:  my wife wanted to make sure I noted that this was shot by her, not me.  The processing in b&w was me, but she, technically, pushed the button.  Sorry honey.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

I am not one who likes to put himself in front of the camera.

In front of a crowd?  Yes.

In front of a classroom?  Yes.

In front of my peers?  Sure.

In front of my elders?  You bet.

In front of small children?  Why not.

In front of the camera?  I’d prefer not.

So this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge was more of a personal challenge for me than a photographic one.  In response, here is a collage of things that make up me.  Consider it a self-portrait, of sorts, please.  If you need an explanation of any of it, please ask.

What? Two posts in one day?

I forgot to post something for Photo Friday.  This week’s challenge is “Fluffy” so I went back to a rather fluffy self portrait.  Honestly, I don’t enjoy putting myself in front of the camera.  I am quite comfortably ensconced behind the lens at most social events, school events, family events, well…everywhere.  I think my wife has a great number of pictures of me taking pictures.  This was a cold morning while I was out with my daughter taking photos of the sunrise.  I shot this in the sideview mirror of my vehicle.  Objects truly are bigger than they appear.