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New recipes…Yay!

My wife and kids gave me the book on top of the stack for Christmas.  I’m excited about trying some of the recipes.  They look really good.  All I need is a food processor and a new life in the kitchen will start.

Is there anyone else who’s excited about new recipes?  Or Jamie Oliver?  Or Jamie Oliver’s recipes?

Cooking in summer is a delicious endeavor.

I moved to a new house a little over two weeks ago and as a result of the move I got to buy a new barbecue.  It’s a Cuisinart.  I know, I couldn’t believe they made barbecues either.  But it’s pretty sweet (and huge).

I love to barbecue.  There’s no extra heat in the house; dishes are cut back slightly; I get to eat outside (and I think everything tastes better when you eat it outside).  I’m getting pretty good at knowing how my barbecue cooks, but I’ve recently started cooking vegetables on the barbecue.  My little sister, Alison, showed me a grill-top wok when we were out shopping and I picked one up when I bought the new barbecue.  It works great.  So far, I’ve done baby potatoes tossed in seasoning and olive oil and the dish you see above.  The potatoes took forever.  Seriously, I think I sprouted new grey hair while waiting for them to cook.  I should have boiled them beforehand and then finished them on the grill.

The veggies you see above were done in this order:  carrots were blanched in boiling water for about seven minutes, and then tossed into the bowl with the mushrooms and yellow and red peppers.  I tossed it all with olive oil and garlic salt.  I placed the asparagus on the grill at the same time as the wok, and after eight minutes I placed them inside the wok as well and tossed the whole mess a few times throughout the grilling process with a pair of locking tongs.

It tasted great alongside some lemon-herb chicken breasts.  Now that I’ve raised the expectations for dinner, however, I’ve been informed that I’ll be doing even more of the c0oking.  Anyone have any good recipes?

Pentax K20D; Pentax DA 18-55mm AL II; f5.6; ISO 400; 1/50 sec.