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Photo Friday…on a Sunday. Weird

Photo Friday’s challenge this week is “Inside“.  I scoured my old files to find the right photo for this one.  I don’t use my flash, so inside shots are not my specialty.  I prefer available light sources, so I look for the right ambience in the subjects that I shoot.  I love to shoot churches; not that they’re particularly well lit, most of them aren’t, but I can slow my shutter speed down and then lose the people attending in a blur.

Anyway, I hope you like this.  It’s a church in Quebec City.  Lovely old place, if my memory serves.

Via is the way to go. Or video games. Whatevs.

If you’ve never been to Canada, you might not know Via Rail.  It’s kind of like Amtrak, only Canadian.  It travels from the east coast to the west, right through the Rockies.  Apparently it’s beautiful.  I’ve always been curious to cross Canada this way.  Enjoying the sights without having the pain of driving myself sounds awesome.  Now, if only I had a giant wad of cash to get rid of.

BTW, if you check out the building at the bottom, it’s Electronic Arts in Montreal.  Now that’s a way to transport yourself to another world for about $49.

Welcome to 4th Grade Social Studies (Canada edition)

I don’t know if there’s anyone I remember more from Social Studies than Samuel de Champlain.  He founded New France and Quebec City over 400 years ago.  He’s kind of a big deal in Canadian history, so of course I’ve had to study him and teach him.  When I was going through my photos from my Quebec trip last September I found this photo.  So here he is.

Path through history: WordPress Photo Challenge

I had the privilege to escort five students to a National Student Leadership Conference last September.  The conference was in Quebec, Montreal specifically, but we did a three day tour of Quebec City and Montreal before the conference.  I loved “la belle province” and had a great time.  It seemed that no matter where I went in the old city of Quebec I ran into history.  When the WordPress Photo Challenge came up this week with “Path” this was the first photo I thought of.  It’s a path laid down by men a couple of centuries ago.  A little path to history.

Photo Friday: Sundown (and it’s being posted at sundown…how convenient)

This is an old photo…well, it was taken last year in September in Quebec City, so it’s not that old.

It was a beautiful night, after a long day of touring, corralling students and napping on a tour bus.  Good times.

At least the harbor cruise was nice and peaceful.  I ended up giving lessons on how to frame a shot, the rule of thirds and what aperture and shutter speed meant, but I had a good time anyway.

Notre Dame, Montreal

I have little energy and little time.  Sorry.  Here’s the Notre Dame basilica in Montreal, Quebec.


Quebec bridges at sunset – Unforgettable

So…I’m in Quebec right now.  In the last four days I’ve seen Montreal and Quebec City and learned a great deal about Canadian history.  These two bridges are the Quebec and Pierre Laporte bridges.  They span the St. Lawrence River and take travelers into Quebec City.  I took this shot while on the SS Joliet, a dinner and dance boat that travels out from the port of Quebec City into the St. Lawrence River, out to the bridges and then back.  We were treated to a beautiful sunset on the river, and then made it back to the city as the lights came on at night.  La Belle Province, indeed.