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My wife’s (a) flower

lombok frangipaniMy wife is a big fan of these flowers.  They grow everywhere around here.  What you see above is a Frangipani.  They are incredibly fragrant and ubiquitous in Indonesia.

A tip for all of you newly married (and maybe old-married) people out there:  find out what your significant other’s favorite flower is and bring it home every once in a while.  Just because.



water temple bali

It’s Friday, and I’m done for the week. I’m exhausted and I didn’t even work the full week. This does not bode well for the weekend.

Going home…

…from KL again.  I love this city.  There are some weirdnesses, and I’ve really never travelled away from the downtown core, but where I’ve been has been pretty sweet.

So, here’s the Petronas Towers once again.


Not an actual orange (the fruit), but the colour orange.  An orange lily, to be more precise.

This was one of the many flowers outside our mall (the mall attached to our school) for the grand opening celebration.

Here’s another pretty flower…

…actually, it’s the same pretty flowers, just from a different angle and with a bit of a different process.

What do you think?

Wow! Banks are pretty.

Well, this one is.

The fountains in the front definitely help.

Photo Friday: Floral

Good morning.

I hope your day is as great as this flower is pretty.


Making waves

This is a local coffee shop, about a kilometer from my house, that serves the spiciest chai tea lattes.  Apparently, they serve coffee, but I hate coffee so I cannot comment on the quality of the java.

I was on my way home from picking up medications for my son – he just had his tonsils and adenoids out today – and I spotted this pretty little scene.

By the way, the red sign in the background is Maru Sushi.  It’s a great spot in south Chilliwack (Sardis) for really great sushi.  I don’t like them, but my daughter loves the palm-sized California Rolls.  Their salmon rolls are awesome.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Waiting (for a train)

I took my children into Vancouver last March.  Every time we go, the kids want to ride the train.  We take the most circuitous route in order to have to ride as many trains as possible.  It’s fun, if not a little time consuming.  What’s most fun is meeting a bunch of different people along the way.

This young lady was on the train with us from this stop, Broadway and Commercial, until we got off in Coquitlam.  After boarding the train, she put the newspaper away, sat quietly and watched what was passing by the window.  She was particularly amused with my kids and their ability to eat copious amounts of candy.  I was amazed at her ability to sit quietly and, seemingly, meditate the entire ride.  No cell phone.  No newspaper.  No nothing.  Just sitting, waiting, smiling.  Pretty cool.

Lake walk in full color.

I’ve been at home due to illness for the last two days.  Finally, this afternoon, I felt well enough to go for a walk.  We live about five minutes from Cultus Lake and I like taking walks at this lake in the fall.  There are few tourists, even fewer boaters and just lovely colors and peaceful water.

If you think it’s pretty, come on over.  I’ll take you for a walk that’ll knock your senses for a loop.

Purty Flowers

They’re flowers.

They’re pretty.

It’s truth in advertising.

Also, it’s the end of the first full day of teaching and I’m tired, so that’s all you’re getting.  Sorry.