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Actually, I was told by one of the surfers/workers on the beach that this beach, Seminyak Beach, is a great place for beginners.  It is not, however, where they like to surf.  They like bigger waves.  They all thought that this would be a good place for me to start surfing…if only I would pay them to teach me.

Still, the waves were pretty impressive.

Religion or electricity: who has more power?

Electricity is power.  Without it, we’d have no lights, televisions, movies, lcd projectors, cameras, computers, internet, cell phones, iPods, cars…um…the list goes on in a long, long mile.

(Please feel free to send me comments about how things like these can run in some manual, un-powered way.  I know.  My Pentax K1000 is completely manual, but still relies on a battery for the light meter and a whole crap-load of power to convert the film into photos, as an example.)

Religion, however, has started wars and brought peace.  It has ended lives by transporting the dying into another realm, while started lives through dedications and christenings.  It has started and ended civilizations.  It has inspired creation and destruction.

I know which one I think is more powerful.  What about you?

Who’s more powerful?

This was in my rear-view mirror on the way home, so I pulled off the highway and went for the nearest rest stop and snapped this.

It strikes me as poetic that the sun, this gigantic power source, is dwarfing the high-wire power lines.  Haha!  Take that, man-made structures.

Must post. Can’t. Hold. On. Much. Longer.

I’m tired but I made a commitment.  I will post every day.  Postaday2011 is keeping me honest.  So here goes.

This is a power station.

Wow.  That was hard.  I’m sorry that I’m not more involved, but I was at school from 7:45 this morning until about fifteen minutes ago.  I’m putting together a humanitarian/service tour to Ecuador and tonight was the parent meeting.  It was a good meeting and I think we’re going to have a good group.  I’m excited, but need sleep now.  G’night.