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Haha! Expectations.


Often, people around here will make jokes about how, if you wanted to, you could not get the attention of the police if you really needed them.  Maybe this is why the expectations of Jakartans are not that high.

Photo Friday: Cars

I took a little walk down the street from where I live tonight and snapped these two photos, which I processed and then merged in an up and down diptych.  There is an RCMP training center here and they have all of these police cars sitting in a compound waiting to be turned into patrol cars.  I shot them through the fence and the whole time I kept thinking that I’d arouse some suspicion, seeing as there are signs everywhere like the one above:  NO TRESPASSING.  I know that I wasn’t trespassing, but I was hanging around with a camera and maybe that’s enough to get in trouble.

Sheesh.  I’m turning into such an adult.