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Photo Friday: At Play!

I had the pleasure of traveling to Sulawesi last week, to the city of Palu.  We  went to the rural areas and visited a school, where a number of boys were playing soccer on some of the nicest grass I’ve seen since coming to Indonesia.

This boy was playing with his friends until he noticed us watching…then he did his best Beckham impersonation.


Playground fun

This is that thing in the playground where you hang on and then slide across while keeping your feet off the ground.  I am 38, so it doesn’t work for me anymore, but it seems like a cool idea.


It’s a Lego Disaster Zone

“I don’t know who made this mess, but I’m not cleaning it up.”

My son and I took on the task of rebuilding all of his Lego minifigures today.  I started in the afternoon.  After dinner, we took on the task of finishing the building project.  We’ve not quite completed the job, but the count is at 145 at this point.  We don’t have many left to put together, but I think the number will be well over 150.  On one hand, that seems like a ridiculous number.  On the other, they take up almost no space and, on average, are made up of four pieces plus an accessory.  That doesn’t sound near as crazy.

Either way, I’m jealous of the collection of Lego my son gets to play with on a daily basis.