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Well, hello there…


This is great food.  They display it in the window, and they bring all of this to your table and whatever you eat is what you pay for.  It is brilliant food.  Tasty.  Spicy.  Fried.  All the things I shouldn’t eat, and it’s amazing.

So healthy food is on the menu again after tonight, but awesome, greasy, spicy food with a good friend is about as great as a night can get.

By the way, the crappy quality is because this is my phone camera.  I didn’t have my big camera with me.

I’m at a payphone…

…trying to call home.  (If you’re singing the Maroon 5 song right now…sorry)

Firstly, I have no idea why there are payphones here in Jakarta, as it seems that everyone has a “hand phone”.

Secondly, if payphone booths looked like this in North America they probably wouldn’t be disappearing as quickly as they are.

Thirdly, what is that above the phones?  The demon of telecommunications, from what I can tell.  Haven’t you thought, once in a while, that your phone experiences have been hellish, from billing to service to dropped calls.

Any guesses why there’s a demon’s head staring out from the payphone?