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Photo Friday: Handsome

That’s a handsome jump there, young man.

By the way, did you know that handsome means “marked by skill”?  I did not, until I looked it up.  I learn something new every day, and today it was a definition.  Hmm…I wonder what I might learn tomorrow.

These guys were doing some parkour in a local park a while ago and they gave me the nod to snap some photos.  Pretty weird and cool stuff.

Canadian swimmers…in formation.

This is, in fact, how all Canadians swim.  You should see us at the swimming pool.  It’s hilariously cute.  It is a Canadian telepathic thing.  Weird, I know, but fun.

California Panorama

You’re going to want to click on the picture to see it in a larger size.  This is three photos stitched into one panoramic shot of the entrance to California Adventure.  It doesn’t evoke the same nostalgic feelings as the Disney entrance, but it is impressive.

This entrance is directly across a huge plaza from the entrance to Disneyland.

Pentax K20D; Pentax DA 18-55mm AL II; panorama in PhotoShop, CS4


This is January in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.  I’m not inviting the world (although I think Vancouver/Whistler is) to my little part of the world, but this has been a phenomenal winter so far.

Pentax K20D; Pentax DA 18-55mm AL II; f16; ISO 100; 1/160 sec.