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I’m feeling a wee bit organized…

…too much?  I don’t think so, but two years ago no one would have found my hotel closet looking like this.


I am not Tony Stark.  I am one of the few men that I know who knows how to iron his own clothes.  I am one of the few men who irons his own clothes – it’s not enough to know how, you have to practice.  My old iron died this last week, so I got to buy a new one and, what with my new, more mature fashion choices, I am quickly becoming enamored of my new iron.

So here are some tips for all the men out there who can’t iron their own clothes:   Start with the backside of the collar.  Move to the shoulders.  Then do the sleeves.  When the extremities are done, start on the front.  Work from the front around the back and back to the front.  Does that make sense?  Don’t leave any hard lines on anything except the sleeves.  When you’re done, hang up the shirt and button at least the top button, preferably the top two buttons.  Hang it up in your closet.  Start on the next shirt.

Or, put it in the dryer with a damp towel.

Actually, don’t do that.  Learn how to iron.



Does this mean I’m an adult?

I made a concerted effort this summer to mature my wardrobe.

Here’s the back-story:  I’m a high school teacher.  I like witty and obscure references.  I make witty and obscure references.  My wardrobe, for many years, has reflected this.  I’m a huge fan of Threadlesssuperheroes and anything else that amuses me.  These shirts have been married to Gap Jeans and sports coats.  A mix of professional and nerdy youthfulness.

But this summer?  I made the move toward mature. I bought button front shirts (they are also “button-down” – button-down refers to the collar points being buttoned down) and have been pairing them with jeans and brown, black and navy pants (that’s three different pairs of pants – not all in one).  I’ve even been putting on a tie two or three days a week.

Here’s the fun parts.  One, I’ve never had so many people comment on my clothing choices.  Two, I’m falling in love with my iron.  T-shirts don’t require ironing, but all of my dress shirts?  They need a little steamy help.  Today’s photo is of my new, hot little number and one of the many new, more mature shirts I’ve been wearing.