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Join me in some meditation…


It’s not really fair.  Buddha, above, has an advantage in the meditation game:  he’s a statue.

I’ve tried it.  I’ve tried finding a still, small, quiet space in the world to sit still, quietly, and make myself small in the grand scheme of the world.  I’ve tried praying, meditating, contemplating, but I have a great deal of difficulty.  I can’t shut off me.  If I were concrete, if I had been formed somewhere by an artisan or a concrete mold and there were no thoughts going on inside my head, I might be better at sitting still and finding a quiet place to think about life, about the things that really matter.

Either way, Buddha always has the advantage.


When you reach the top…


…you have become enlightened.

Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while will recognize the difference between the lower stupas and the upper ones.  The diamonds and the squares are indicative of how stable one’s enlightenment is.

Photo Friday: Meditative

This statue is part of the West Facade of Sagrada Familia.  It is a statue of Peter after his third denial of knowing Christ.  I’m not sure there’s a more meditative moment than when you realize that you’ve just betrayed your best friend and mentor.  I’m sure that it’s a meditative moment filled with regret and sadness, but meditative nonetheless.