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That is what the Pavilion Mall in KL was proclaiming.  We were looking for the Havaianas (Brazilian sandals) shop, so we didn’t go in to look at the art, but they wanted us to know it was ART TIME.

Okay.  We get it.

Photo Friday: Reflected

Ooh, it’s nearly the end of Friday here, but it’s just beginning to be Friday where so many of my friends and family live.  For Photo Friday, here’s a little reflection from my life.

How was your day?

Worked, ran on the treadmill, had a brilliant taco salad, played tennis, had heart attack when I thought Ben had lost his iPod, felt relieved when we found it, read an inspiring and challenging article, sent emails, now posting photo.

How was your day?


Oh yeah.  The buildings are from Central Jakarta, outside the Grand Indonesia Mall.

Marvel Geeks…UNITE!

I’m a comic geek.  Not a surprising confession to most who know me, but for those who don’t know…I am a comic geek.

There’s a plaza near where I live called Plaza 88.  It has the most demented sense of design I’ve ever seen.  Outside the plaza are three (I think?) horses in a fountain spewing water from their noses.  The horses continue inside the mall – decorative horse heads act as supports for each floor above the ground floor.  There’s a deer (?) with big antlers above the entrance.  There are soccer balls and basketballs all over the interior.

The stores inside the mall continue the eclectic theme with a Baskin-Robbins, a coffee shop, an illegal DVD store (which I love and frequent and feel like a giant hypocrite when I watch them), and a woodworking shop with pieces from Lombok.

So…what does this have to do with comics?  Outside the mall, crawling up the wall, is Spiderman.  Hulk and Superman are hanging out inside the mall, and there’s this guy, the Spiderman above, crawling up an interior wall.  It looks like it was put together by children with great imaginations.

Another Mall!


I stitched four photos together in order to show you the height of the Grand Indonesia Mall. This mall, however, has many, many more floors than I’m showing you here. The designers of malls around here are in love with cool geometry. There are few floors that have escalators running the same direction, and none of it seems to make anything more efficient. It’s all for looks. Very cool.

Dharmawangsa Square

Another mall.  You’re going to start thinking that all I do is go to malls, but you’d be wrong.  I don’t.  I also go to school, donut shops, and banks.  Although, all of those could also be in malls.  So…maybe all I do is go to malls.

The mall (under my school…I know…crazy, right?)

My school is situated in an amazing complex called Kemang Village. It’s pretty amazing. My school is one of eight high-rise buildings – we’re the shortest of the buildings – and under the school and three of the buildings is a mall. It’s a pretty nice mall, or it will be when it’s done. It won’t be long before it officially opens, and I’m pretty psyched about the whole thing. My school will also be my one-stop shop.

The photo above is one of the entrances to the mall.

Pondok Indah Mall


Yup, another mall.  After the interesting notes I got about the last one, I figured I might as well shoot some photos of the next big mall I went to.  This is Pondok Indah Mall.  I think I may have seen about half of the mall…maybe a third.  This place is huge.  Jakarta knows how to build big when they build malls.

To the Mall!

One thing I’m learning is that Jakarta really rocks at creating impressive malls.  We went to Pejaten Village Mall today to find shoes for the kids.  This is the view from the fourth floor, which is really the fifth or sixth floor, because there’s always a couple of floors below the ground level in every high-rise in Jakarta (at least the ones I’ve been in).

By the way, if you want to see the whole photo in one shot, click on the image and it’ll open in a window with the entire image in one view.