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Walking on the beach was never so mystical

I will try to write as little as possible for this photo, as I feel it speaks volumes on its own.

It was shot on film, not digital, media.

It was shot on a camera that is thirty-five years old.

It was shot on the Oregon Coast, near Manzanita.  It has not been touched by Photoshop; the only processing that occurred was at London Drugs Photo Center.

It has captured the mystical, magical, other-worldly aspect of the Oregon Coast and shows the main reason why my family will probably return to the coast for all of the foreseeable summer vacations.


Wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

Perhaps if every morning started with the words “Magic Morning”, every morning would be a great morning.

This photo was taken, as I’m sure most of you’ve guessed, outside Disneyland’s entrance.  When the Family B visited Disneyland last March, we had a five day flexpass and we were given the choice of mornings to go in an hour earlier than the general ticket buying public.  We did this on my son’s birthday so we could get to certain rides before everyone else – the submarine ride, Space Mountain.

It really was magic.