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taman sari sunrise 2

I’m just heading for a workout, but I wanted to post this. It is another angle of the beach at Taman Sari Bali on the north side of the island. I am hopeful that I can get out and take some new photos soon.

I feel quite secure

probably because, everywhere I go in Jakarta, there are so many security guards.  Security is a micro-economy here in Jakarta.  We have security at our apartment, as seen above, at our school, at the local grocery stores, in the malls, on the street directing traffic.  They are ubiquitous.  If I didn’t know better, security guards could be the national bird of Indonesia.

I love these guys, though.  I’ve never met one who hasn’t flashed a gigantic grin when I say, ‘Hi,’ and who isn’t genuinely helpful.  Thank you, security guys.  You make me feel secure.

The Vespa


The Vespa is alive and well around here in Jakarta.  This one?  Not so much.

Is teriyaki beef and broccoli a breakfast food?

The teriyaki beef and broccoli, pictured above, was really good for dinner last night.  It isn’t what I’m eating for breakfast.  I’ll be eating steel-cut oatmeal with a little brown sugar and milk.

It brings to mind a little question I’ve had for a long time:  why are certain foods only for breakfast?  Like toast?  Or scrambled eggs?  Hash browns?

Is this just a North American thing?  Why is that we have this thing called “breakfast for dinner”?  I love it when we have breakfast for dinner, but why do we not just call it toast-bacon-hash browns-scrambled eggs-orange juice for dinner?  Or, just dinner.


Does this mean I’m an adult?

I made a concerted effort this summer to mature my wardrobe.

Here’s the back-story:  I’m a high school teacher.  I like witty and obscure references.  I make witty and obscure references.  My wardrobe, for many years, has reflected this.  I’m a huge fan of Threadlesssuperheroes and anything else that amuses me.  These shirts have been married to Gap Jeans and sports coats.  A mix of professional and nerdy youthfulness.

But this summer?  I made the move toward mature. I bought button front shirts (they are also “button-down” – button-down refers to the collar points being buttoned down) and have been pairing them with jeans and brown, black and navy pants (that’s three different pairs of pants – not all in one).  I’ve even been putting on a tie two or three days a week.

Here’s the fun parts.  One, I’ve never had so many people comment on my clothing choices.  Two, I’m falling in love with my iron.  T-shirts don’t require ironing, but all of my dress shirts?  They need a little steamy help.  Today’s photo is of my new, hot little number and one of the many new, more mature shirts I’ve been wearing.

Breakfast: the tasty way

I’ve been eating smarter lately and dropped 10 pounds (still have 30 or more to go).  I’ve been eating oatmeal every morning for breakfast with strawberries or honey as my sweetener.  I’ve been eating brown rice and more fruit and veggies than I really want.

But Saturday mornings?  I get to eat a big, fat, salty scramble.  I was going to make a frittata, but I forgot to buy more eggs; I only had two in the fridge.  So I made a ham, yellow and red peppers, cheddar and egg scamble with a bit of fresh milled black pepper over the whole mess.  This is the scramble before the eggs.   It was delicious.

Big sky in the Valley.

I am enjoying Spring Break.  To my friends in Ontario, I’m sorry.  We’ve had two days of sunshine and above 10 degree weather.  The kids and I went cycling along the Sumas River yesterday and had a great day.  It’s amazing how fast everyone’s mood changes and the entire culture of the Lower Mainland suddenly turns outdoors.

This is the view from the trail.  I chose not to show you the manure spreader and field full of liquid cow poo that we had just passed.

The mountains you see before you is the backdrop to my house, which, if you could see it from here, would be almost straight forward of the camera’s point of view.  Life is pretty nice when this is what you see on a daily basis.