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Not an actual orange (the fruit), but the colour orange.  An orange lily, to be more precise.

This was one of the many flowers outside our mall (the mall attached to our school) for the grand opening celebration.


Photo Friday: Reflected

Ooh, it’s nearly the end of Friday here, but it’s just beginning to be Friday where so many of my friends and family live.  For Photo Friday, here’s a little reflection from my life.

Mr. Bean was here.

If you’ve seen Mr. Bean then you know he’s unpredictable, but today he showed up in Jakarta.

Okay, so that’s not entirely true, but the mall attached to our school opened, officially, today and one of the anchor stores, Debenham’s, decorated with Mini Coopers and, apparently, Mr. Bean.

It’s definitely the weirdest school situation with which I’ve been involved.

Commute (last one)

Alright.  After today’s post, I’ve got to start shooting, and posting, some new stuff.  Here’s the end of my walk to school:


The floors above the Hypermart sign are my school.  Yes, it feels a little weird to be teaching in a high-rise building.

One quick note here.  I love these guys.  Our school has a security guard on practically every floor, and they greet me as I enter the building.  I’ve struck up a bit of a rapport with a few of them, Pak Setyo especially.  He and I have agreed to trade language lessons.  He learns English from me, I learn Bahasa from him.  It’s a nice trade-off, but I like the relationship more than the lessons.  The security guards are one of the many joys of working at SPH International.

How I know I’m nearly at work

I can see my school from here.  I walk to work each morning, and lately I’ve been taking this new route.  It gets me off of Kemang Raya, a major road, and onto some back alleys that zig-zag me through the neighborhood.  It’s quiet and calm and I’m meeting some new local people.  When I get near the end of my walk, I can see my school building looming over the neighborhood.

“Looming” makes it sound ominous, which it’s not, but it certainly is a major contrast to the surrounding areas.

I took photos on my entire walking commute today, to show you what life looks like from home to work in the morning, but I’ve not finished processing them yet, so you’ll have to wait.  But soon…