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Thanks, Jamie Oliver.

I’m a huge fan of all things Jamie Oliver.  The cook books and recipes.  The Christmas specials on Food Network.  The way he gently cusses when he gets something just right.  His genuine and sincere love of herbs and garlic and chilis and potatoes and…well…all food.

Last night, I made “Jools’ Pregnant Pasta” (photo above) from Meals in Minutes.  It tasted great.  I used Farmer sausage and still don’t have a food processor so it was chunkier than it might have been, but it was good.  Adding a serrano pepper really added some nice heat and flavor through the dish.  I don’t know that my daughter loved it, but it was probably the best pasta I’ve made.

New recipes…Yay!

My wife and kids gave me the book on top of the stack for Christmas.  I’m excited about trying some of the recipes.  They look really good.  All I need is a food processor and a new life in the kitchen will start.

Is there anyone else who’s excited about new recipes?  Or Jamie Oliver?  Or Jamie Oliver’s recipes?

Jamie Oliver’s Potatoes, via me.

The wait is over.  There they are, in all their potatoish glory.  The crispiness on the outside is from the butter and the other stuff is garlic cloves, clementine peel and sage.  And they tasted great.  In fact, I’m going to check right now if we have leftovers because they look yummy.  By the way, if  you wish to try this recipe, go to Jamie Oliver’s website.