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Tiga Commute

Tiga.  Number three.  The third part of my commute.  Here it is…no words.





A Canadian Hero

At Simon Fraser University, in Burnaby, BC, there’s a bronze statue memorial for Terry Fox.  He’s a Canadian hero.  He decided that, while he had cancer and had already had a leg removed, he would run across Canada to show both that people with cancer could accomplish great things and raise awareness to the cause of research for a cure for cancer.  Along the way he quietly ran into the hearts of millions of Canadians.  He’s definitely one of my heroes.

Keep running, Terry.

Human form, in bronze

Photo Friday, this week, has challenged photographers to show photos of the “Human Form.”

I was driving through downtown Chilliwack, BC, today and I’ve passed Piper Richardson so often I nearly forget he’s there.  He stands outside the Chilliwack Museum.  He’s forever playing his pipes.  Richardson, during the battle of the Somme played his pipes as his company went “over the top” to rally his fellow soldiers.  He was killed, later, while retrieving his pipes that he had left behind on the battlefield while assisting wounded soldiers.  For his bravery, Richardson was awarded the Victoria Cross.

If I have to highlight the human form, why not highlight a hero?