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Canadian swimmers…in formation.

This is, in fact, how all Canadians swim.  You should see us at the swimming pool.  It’s hilariously cute.  It is a Canadian telepathic thing.  Weird, I know, but fun.

The geese who should have gone south for winter

We’ve not had much of a winter here in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia so our feathered friends have not gone south.  To be truthful, it’s not very cold here most winters, but there seem to be many more geese around this winter than previous ones.  Case in point…the photo above.

Basking in the warming glow

The warming glow from this photo is what made me want to post it.  It is, in fact, from a couple of weeks ago and not from today, despite today’s beautiful sunshine.  After spending three days in below zero weather in Edmonton, AB, it was nice to return my “sissy-fied” body to the Lower Mainland.  Despite its sunniness, however, today was cold.  I got a chill while filling up with gas and I thought about how people always say that it’s a dry cold on the prairies and a humid cold on the coast.  After today, I’d agree.

Fine, feathered fellow Canadians.

The first week of school is finished and I can’t sleep in.  It took me all of four days of waking up early to put my body into school mode.  I wish I could sleep in, but at 6:51 a.m. this morning I woke up and stared at my alarm clock.  The alarm was off, the house was quiet, my children and my wife were still asleep, but my brain was ready to go.   I dressed, grabbed my camera and took a drive to Cultus Lake.  The clouds were lifting as I drove, lifting just enough to make it look like someone had spread cotton batting over the treetops.  It was a beautiful morning.

I took many photos this morning, but most of them were planned.  The geese were not.  I heard them coming, aimed the camera up and took two shots.  Wrong lens, wrong aperture, not bad shot.