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The late night post: Photo Friday’s all vertical today.

I went to Europe a couple of years ago and got to fulfill one of my architectural fantasy wishes:  Sagrada Familia.  I am amazed by this place.  From the outside, the Nativity Facade, depicting the birth of Christ, looks like a giant, monstrous thing that may eat you if you stand too close to it.  From the inside, the pillars that Gaudi (the architect, who died in 1926 before seeing his work finished) designed resemble giant trees.  It’s not done, the construction I mean.  In fact, the builders figure it should be done by 2026 – it was started back in 1882.  If you have a chance to go see it, do.

The shot above is from one of the northeast spires.  It is a dizzying height, but well worth the self-guided tour through the byzantine hallways and walkways and spiral staircases.