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Well, hello there…


This is great food.  They display it in the window, and they bring all of this to your table and whatever you eat is what you pay for.  It is brilliant food.  Tasty.  Spicy.  Fried.  All the things I shouldn’t eat, and it’s amazing.

So healthy food is on the menu again after tonight, but awesome, greasy, spicy food with a good friend is about as great as a night can get.

By the way, the crappy quality is because this is my phone camera.  I didn’t have my big camera with me.

I feel quite secure

probably because, everywhere I go in Jakarta, there are so many security guards.  Security is a micro-economy here in Jakarta.  We have security at our apartment, as seen above, at our school, at the local grocery stores, in the malls, on the street directing traffic.  They are ubiquitous.  If I didn’t know better, security guards could be the national bird of Indonesia.

I love these guys, though.  I’ve never met one who hasn’t flashed a gigantic grin when I say, ‘Hi,’ and who isn’t genuinely helpful.  Thank you, security guys.  You make me feel secure.

Merry Christmas!


We hung decorations in my school yesterday.  It was fun.  We played Frank Sinatra and climbed on ladders and chairs and suspended Christmas balls from the ceiling all down my hallway.

Friend or foe?

I don’t know what this means to you, but lately the lowly, and often loathed, bathroom scale has been my friend.

In the past, I’ve avoided it.  Snubbed my nose at it.  I didn’t want to hear what it had to say (or read, I guess).  But lately?

Lately, it’s been friendly.

Tea is a great gift

I hosted a BBQ last night and one of my guests brought a gift along for little ol’ me.  When I got up this morning, I was tempted to make a cup of tea with one of the many teas at my disposal, include “jumpy monkey” and “dragon pearls”, all from David’s Teas , but the box and tea container and diffuser all looked so nice I couldn’t bring myself to break up the beautiful display.

I’m sure I’ll open it soon, but for now I’ll enjoy the way it looks and smells.  Weird, I know.