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Happy Father’s Day!

Today was Father’s Day.  I got to watch my son and daughter sing on stage at church.  I had barbecued burgers for lunch.  We all went to the driving range to knock out a few buckets of golf balls.  Then I came home and had a nap for, like, an hour.  It was a great day.

The photo above is of my son.  He decided, a few days ago, that if he was going to sing in front of the entire church, he was going to need a tie.  He went with the black shirt/tie combo, which is pretty much my uniform when it comes to formal attire, so we dressed alike today:  blue jeans, black button front shirt, black and grey tie.  I have to say, I’m pretty proud.

Thanks, family, for the awesome day.  It was a happy day for this father.


Photo assignment: Father’s Day is only three weeks away.

I’m photographing some Dads with their kids for a Father’s Day (which is June 20th, by the way) slideshow.  While I was waiting for some fathers to show up, I took a few shots of my son.  He’s recently taken on modeling (check out Please Mum) and is having a lot of fun with the camera.  This is the look that he’s perfecting right now – the “I know you’re paying attention to me, but I won’t give you the satisfaction of thinking I want your attention” look.

I have to be careful because those precocious looks can be my undoing.

Pentax K20D; Pentax M SMC 50mm; f1.7; ISO 100; 1/2000 sec.