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My high school experience: EMP version

I find that taking photos of other photos is a bit weird.  Someone already took a brilliant photo, and I’m piggy-backing on their genius.  At the same time, I want a record of my own experience.  In this case, my fellow teacher and friend Kris asked me to accompany him to the Experience Music Project in Seattle today.  To my delight, EMP is showing an exhibit called Nirvana; Taking Punk to the Masses right now and it is an account of my high school experience through the music of the time.  The end of the ’80’s and beginning of the ’90’s saw the advent of the grunge music movement and I felt like I’d moved back 20 years.

I was surprised by how emotional the experience was.  If you’re in your 30’s and actively participated in the music of the Seattle music scene from twenty years ago, I highly recommend that you see this.