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Photo Friday: Detail(ed)

This little detail is highlighted by the fact that it is the only detail on the page with any detail.


Maple in detail

Some of the most amazingly beautiful things in the world are the things we don’t notice because they’re tiny.  Above is the stem of a maple leaf.  Specifically the stem of a Bigleaf Maple, the Acer Macrophyllum.   They grow all over the place up here and when Fall rolls around they start dropping gigantic leaves.  They cover the park across the street with a decaying, red and yellow crunchy blanket.

WordPress Photo (Friday) Challenge: Texture (that’s Near)

Thank you WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge and Photo Friday for picking topics this week that could fit into one photo for me.  Wordpress chose “Texture” and Photo Friday chose “Near”.  I think this works for both.  This was shot almost two months ago at the Alexandria Bridge in the Fraser Canyon of BC.  I hope you like it.