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A Bali God

bali god

This week has been crazy. Too many things happening at once. Don’t ask. I need to spend some time meditating. Thanks for your anticipated concern.

It’s official. I’m obsessed with traffic.

I don’t want to alarm any family members back home in Canada, but this is the road that my family and I walk across every day. ¬†Twice.

If it’s any consolation, it only looks like this in the afternoon.

Oh, and if you’re going to ask, “Where’s the crosswalk?” my answer is…”Hahahahahahahaaaaa…crosswalk? ¬†Hahahahahahaaaa…”

Traffic in Jakarta


This is what traffic often looks like in Jakarta. It has been equal parts horror and awe – those are the only feelings I have while sitting in the front seat of a taxi car or van. There are no traffic lights, or at the least none that anyone follows. The streets are narrow. The scooters are omnipresent. The drivers? Omnipatient. They wait, kindly, as someone else takes a corner in front of them. They don’t lose their tempers. They smile, wave, and smile more. They are infinitely more considerate and civilized than any driver I’ve ever encountered in more than twenty years of driving in British Columbia. Totally amazing.