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Cooking with…


…gas. There’s a crepe in that pan. Trust me. They were delicious.


Lime Cream Cheese Tart

This was what my daughter wanted for her birthday cake.  She and I have been cooking together for a long time.  She is turning eleven in a couple of days and since she was old enough to help, she’s been my assistant in the kitchen.  I had her smelling spices and stirring batter and cracking eggs at age three.

So when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday cake, I should have expected her to say something like this.  What I wasn’t expecting was how long it would take to make it.  It was worth it, though.  It might be the best “birthday cake” I’ve ever made.

I realize this is not my best photo ever posted, but it certainly is one of the tastiest.

Once more, into the (indulgent) abyss

Yes, that’s a Mason jar full of milk.  Yes, those are homemade chocolate chip cookies.  And the stuff holding it all together?  Nutella.

If there’s a better way to indulge, I have not found it yet.  Please feel free to copy this idea.  Also, please contribute your favorite ways to indulge.

Is teriyaki beef and broccoli a breakfast food?

The teriyaki beef and broccoli, pictured above, was really good for dinner last night.  It isn’t what I’m eating for breakfast.  I’ll be eating steel-cut oatmeal with a little brown sugar and milk.

It brings to mind a little question I’ve had for a long time:  why are certain foods only for breakfast?  Like toast?  Or scrambled eggs?  Hash browns?

Is this just a North American thing?  Why is that we have this thing called “breakfast for dinner”?  I love it when we have breakfast for dinner, but why do we not just call it toast-bacon-hash browns-scrambled eggs-orange juice for dinner?  Or, just dinner.


I’m jonesing for COOKIES!

I’m back on the wagon, as it were.  I’ve been working out again and I’m determined to lose the next 20 lbs. after having already lost 30 since last August.  Today’s workout was good and I can still feel the soreness from Monday’s workout.  That moment when the endorphins kick in after a workout may be the best feeling in the world.

I say “back on the wagon” because, between Christmas, snow days, freezing rain and my son’s tonsillectomy I’ve not been the most dedicated to the treadmill nor the weight room.  I continued to eat right, however, so there were no sudden aberrations on the scale.  I just had the feeling that I can bring this body back into better shape, so it’s time to get moving.

So…why the cookie dough?  On my way home from the hospital after visiting my friends’ new baby, I started jonesing, like some kind of addict, for chocolate chip cookies.  Not cookie.  COOKIES.  When I went to my computer and started working on a photo for tonight, I spied this shot of the cookie dough from a recent cookie-making extravaganza in our house and it looked so gooey, so good.  I am, therefore, living through past experiences and keeping my eye on a good weight and will have to remember how good these cookies were.

And then cheat on the weekend.  Ha!