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WordPress Photo Challenge: Hopes spring eternal

I was texting my wife while my feet were up on my desk in my office at work.  She asked me how my day was going.  I believe I answered something like, “Craptastic.”  She asked why and I explained that there had been a snafu regarding thirty of my English 11 exams and that there was a steady stream of other craptacular things happening.  She suggested I do something about this, and I answered her, in a text, with the following:

“The past cannot be undone. Only through how we handle the present will we show our true character. Whether we help those in front of us, deal with the situation we are currently facing – these are the things that determine our direction for the future.”

And isn’t that what hope is?  Believing that the outcome of present circumstances will be positive.  So don’t dwell on the past.  Don’t spend your day dreaming of the future.  Believe that your circumstances will turn out positively and then put your hope into action.

And then?  Put your feet up.

WordPress’ Photo Challenge this week is “Hope“.

Chucks are my favorite, most hated, shoe.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved Converse All-Stars.  I associate them with all things cool and I have owned a few pairs.  The ironic thing is that I hate wearing them because I find they’re unbelievably flat, and aid not one bit in holding up my arches (man I feel old when I write that).  I would get home, take them off and feel a great sense of “aaahhhh…”  I love Chucks but I hate them.

These Chucks were worn by Tim Neufeld, of the band “Starfield,” who I saw last night at Harrison Resort.  Chucks belong on guys in bands, or hipsters (who probably don’t wear them because they’re no longer ironic) or high school students.  Not 36 year old dad-teachers.

Pentax K20D; Sigma 70-210mm; f4; ISO 1600; 1/8 sec.