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Pensive child

…although, it could be boredom.  I can’t tell if he was posing and making sure that I snapped a few photos of him, or if he was bored and didn’t care that I was photographing him.

Oh, and for those of you who are new here, he’s my son.

What does mourning look like?

My wife and children and I went to visit her grandmothers’ graves yesterday.  My wife’s paternal grandmother died on Easter Sunday a number of years ago and, although it was not April 8, it seemed fitting to go visit yesterday.

I felt it strange that my own children had never visited a cemetery before.  By the time I was my daughter’s age, I had attended my paternal grandfather’s funeral and my mother’s uncle’s funeral.  Yet, my kids have never experienced the death of anyone close.  I watched as my son wandered, asking questions as he went.  My daughter solemnly walked from grave to grave, uncharacteristically quiet.  It was a singular experience.

As I followed my curious children, I found some interesting photographic subjects.  I never know, though, whether it is okay to snap photos in a cemetery.  What do you think?