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Certain requirements must be met in order to front a band

This is Mark Hall.  He is the lead singer of Casting Crowns.  They played the opening night of the Break Forth conference in Edmonton last night.  What I love about this photo is that it matters not what he looks like or what their music sounds like – he is clearly the lead vocalist of a rock band.  How do I know this?  He has employed the fist pump.

The fist pump is one of the many essential elements of fronting a band.  If you front a band and do not employ the fist pump, I think you can be replaced.  Isn’t that one of the rules?  I’m not sure, because I’ve never fronted a band, but I’ve attended a good number of rock concerts and every single one of them has included a fist pumping lead singer.

Can you think of other rules by which rock bands must abide?