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How’d that get up there?

bike upstairs

I celebrated my 39th birthday today. My birthday gave me cause to contemplate my current context. I spent thirty-eight and a half years in Canada. Now that I live in Jakarta, my understanding of the lottery I unwittingly won by being born in North America has become so much better developed.

Take this photo, for instance. It is a “river” nearby to where I live, and that’s a “motorcycle” on the second floor balcony of an apartment that is adjacent to this river. This photo bothers me, and reminds me that I’ve had a pretty lucky existence.

There are many things in the photo that should bother the viewer…I’m wondering what bothers you.

Happy Birthday to me!

“This is the last time I let Robin choose my mode of transportation.  I guess it’s payback for all those years in green tights.”

It was my birthday today and my family, who loves me so much, got me a Batman Lego set.  I stole the bike from another one of my son’s sets of Lego.  Wouldn’t you love to see Batman on a mountain bike?

Presenting…the COSMOPOLITAN (cupcake)

My daughter’s birthday is this weekend, but she had her birthday party tonight.  She (we) took all her friends to a local Colour Me Mine where they got to pick out pottery and paint it their own way.

I, being the awesome father that I am, offered to pick up part of the dessert for the evening.  I went to one of our favorite, if not visited enough, cupcake places called Tracycakes.  The little morsel captured above is called the “Cosmopolitan.”  It is a delightful little cupcake filled with cranberry jam and topped with delicious pink icing.  It’s a tiny A-Bomb of cakey sweetness.  Mmm…

Sad cake is sad, but delicious.

I love finding unintended faces in objects.  In this case, my sister made a brilliant and delicious cherry-chip birthday cake for herself.  She, being the candy addict she is, covered it in jelly beans, fuzzy peach rings, gummy fruit slices and skittles.  When it was served I noticed that my piece was frowning.  I think this is because of two things:  one, my sister made her own birthday cake.  She can say whatever she likes about being a busy mother of two boys under four years old but I think it’s a little sad to have to make your own cake.  The second reason is that this piece of cake got one look at me and my belly and thought, “There’s no hope.  I will be eaten.  Entirely.”

Poor sad cake.  You’re so sad.


Hannah’s birthday was on Saturday, and she chose to go, for lunch, to TracyCakes, this little wonderful cupcake place in Abbotsford.  I know it looks like she’s thinking this, but TracyCakes has this beautiful sign, along with many others, on the wall behind the chair in which Hannah was sitting.  I merely took the photo.

Happy 9th, Hannah.

Pentax K20D; Pentax DA 18-55mm AL II; f5.6; ISO 800; 1/20 sec.; B&W in PS, CS4


Ben (my son) had his birthday party last weekend and we hosted a shindig at a local community center for Ben and ten of his closest friends.  While we were there, a lacrosse practice started in an adjacent room in the building.

What amazes me most is not that these kids give up part of their Saturdays to practice, but that one of them ends up in goal.  These poor little goalies, dressed head to shin guard in armor, have all of their teammates use them as target practice for about two hours.  That’s like asking for the firing squad, but knowing the bullets won’t kill you, only hurt like crazy.

Pentax K20D; Pentax DA 18-55mm AL II; f4.5; ISO 800; 1/60 sec.