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Lime Cream Cheese Tart

This was what my daughter wanted for her birthday cake.  She and I have been cooking together for a long time.  She is turning eleven in a couple of days and since she was old enough to help, she’s been my assistant in the kitchen.  I had her smelling spices and stirring batter and cracking eggs at age three.

So when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday cake, I should have expected her to say something like this.  What I wasn’t expecting was how long it would take to make it.  It was worth it, though.  It might be the best “birthday cake” I’ve ever made.

I realize this is not my best photo ever posted, but it certainly is one of the tastiest.

Once more, into the (indulgent) abyss

Yes, that’s a Mason jar full of milk.  Yes, those are homemade chocolate chip cookies.  And the stuff holding it all together?  Nutella.

If there’s a better way to indulge, I have not found it yet.  Please feel free to copy this idea.  Also, please contribute your favorite ways to indulge.


My friends at Mennonite Girls Can Cook posted a recipe yesterday that caught my eye and the interest of my stomach.  They posted a recipe for crispy jumble cookies (click the link for the recipe).  I asked my kids if I should make them and my son pretended to pass out and my daughter was quite excited so I figured that’s pretty solid approval.  While making them today, I documented the process.  Here it is:

So that’s the sugar, butter, eggs and vanilla.

There’s the big mess of chocolate chips and rice krispies.

Here’s a batch on the baking stone.  I like to use stones when I bake – we have a bunch of them – because they are hot when they come out of the oven and start baking the cookies when they’re still sitting on the counter.

10 minutes in the oven and then…

That’s how they turned out.  At dinner, the entire family tried them at the same time and the verdict…they were great.

Crispy.  Chewy. Chocolatey.  Yummy.

Thanks Mennonite Girls.  Oh…and Mennonite boys can cook, too.

Mmm…cookies after a long day.

Today just seemed like a cookie day.  My daughter, who turns ten in two weeks, loves spending time in the kitchen.  She loves measuring things and mixing things and licking the MixMaster beaters.  She finds great joy in adding ingredients to the mixing bowl.  My day had been pretty good, so I figured, why not?  Let’s make cookies.  Below are the cookie embryos before they go in for some really warm gestation.

Afterwards, I can barely get the cookies off the baking stones before my family is swarming around like a bunch of starving raccoons.  They’re all claws and sneakiness.  It’s lucky I made it out alive.

So that’s how my day ended.  How was yours?

By the way, thanks to WordPress for throwing my post from February 22 on Freshly Pressed.  Also, thanks to all of you who subscribed and commented.  I really appreciate your participation in this process.  That’s what blogging is all about, after all, isn’t it?

Christmas cookies are AWESOME!

I was reading through my Grandma’s cookbooks and came across a bunch of recipes that I remember her making.  One of those recipes, from The Mennonite Community Cookbook, was for sugar cookies.  Honestly, what you get for all the work you do making sugar cookies is barely worth it.

I mixed a ridiculous amount of shortening, sugar and flour in my mixer and added the milk and vanilla and watched as the dough took shape.  Then I refrigerated it for about four hours.  After rolling it out, my children took to arms with cookie cutters and had some fun cutting out hearts and stars and trees and angels and…well, a whole bunch of different shapes.  This, below, is the aftermath of the first round of cookie cutter-ing.


After baking and cooling the cookies, the Bergen family went at the task of decorating with enthusiasm.  We have a lot of fun making all kinds of different designs, and no design is turned down.  Here are a few results of what we decorated today.


I’m sorry that I can’t share them with you.  If they look good to you, I’ll post the recipe and the instructions for the icing.  Let me know what you think.