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The mall (under my school…I know…crazy, right?)

My school is situated in an amazing complex called Kemang Village. It’s pretty amazing. My school is one of eight high-rise buildings – we’re the shortest of the buildings – and under the school and three of the buildings is a mall. It’s a pretty nice mall, or it will be when it’s done. It won’t be long before it officially opens, and I’m pretty psyched about the whole thing. My school will also be my one-stop shop.

The photo above is one of the entrances to the mall.

One for the ladies…

I love this city.  Maybe this whole country has signs like this, but I think any city that has parking for “Lady Drivers Only” has got to be a pretty sensitive place.

The energy building…or, how I got yelled at by a security guard.

This past Sunday, my family and I attended a church that is in the downtown of South Jakarta.  It is on the second floor of a bank building, next to and across the street from a number of very tall buildings.  I left the church after my family and made my way down the street when the reflection of this one building in the glass of another caught my attention.

I turned my camera towards it, aimed, and fired off three shots.  As I took the last shot, I heard, “Hey!  Hey!  No bagus!  No bagus!”  A security guard had seen me snapping photos and moved from his post to a spot about two hundred meters from me and was yelling at me, telling me that what I was doing was not good (“bagus”, which is pronounced “ba-goose”, means good).  I waved, and put my camera behind my back and walked away, and so did he.

I looked up the name of the building later – it’s an energy company.  I wasn’t even shooting the building itself, just the reflection of another building.  I wonder what they’re hiding in there.

Oh yeah…sorry for the scrolling.  If you want to see the whole thing in one shot, click on the photo.

54A: the gate post.

I saw this gate post on the way home and I thought it looked cool.

What do you think?


Worker’s safety…

…means something very different here in Jakarta than it does in Vancouver, BC.  I saw these guys moving rebar on Saturday after I finished playing basketball with some other teachers.  As I pulled out my camera, they saw me and smiled.  The only thought I had was, “Wow!  That’s an…interesting…way to move rebar off the top of a truck.”

There is construction going on all around my school, as it is in a high-rise building in a new development, and I’ve seen some very interesting situations.  I’ve watched guys cut tile and, rather than wear safety glasses, they line up their grinder and look away as they cut.  I’ve watched welders use $3 sunglasses to spot weld railings.  The most shocking one?  I watched a guy climb up and through some ironwork on the outside of the 13th floor, grab hold of some chain, lift himself up and crawl up to the 14th floor.  No harness.  No scaffolding.  Just some guy, freestyle climbing up the outside of a building, 14 floors above the ground.  I watched like one might watch traffic, waiting for an accident to happen, hoping it doesn’t, but thinking it might.

I’m very thankful for the safety rules that we have in North America.  I never have been before, but I am now.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Growth

I chose to go with growth of mind and intellect.  This spot has been featured before, a little over a week ago, by a reader.  Today, on my walk home from basketball at the school, I found another person reading in the same spot.  Perhaps I should ask why that spot is so perfect for reading.

I love that he’s reading R.L. Stine.  It’s not the highest level reading, but it’s reading.

Hello Friday. How’ve you been?


Aaaahhhhh…Friday has come at last. It’s the end of the first week of school here in Jakarta, and it feels pretty nice. I’m sitting by the pool, basking in the sun’s rays as they wash through the palm trees lining the edge of the pool. It feels pretty nice.

I shot this on my iPad, and processed it in Photoshop Touch. Not bad, I think.

The view on the street

What I find most interesting about this photo is the barbed wire along the wall on the left.  With the rich and poor juxtaposed everywhere in Jakarta, there is a very high degree of security.  I don’t know that it’s all necessary, but there are walls everywhere on my walk home that are guarded by barbed wire, spikes, strategically placed rebar, and many, many security guards.

I guess that’s what happens when so few have so much more than so many.


Curious little guy


I was shooting some photos this afternoon on my way home and stopped at an ATM.  Everything around here runs on cash.  You can use a debit card, but cash is much easier.  Much, much easier.  The ATM vestibule was full of people and security guards – no worries, security is a huge industry here – so I took my camera outside.  I aimed in this child’s direction, not at him, but past him.  He seemed curious, so I nodded at his mother and she smiled.  I took that to mean that I could take a photo.

He smiled a minute later, but I’d already taken the shot.

I love this place.