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Tired. MustpostbeforeIfallasleeeee…


I’m at a payphone…

…trying to call home.  (If you’re singing the Maroon 5 song right now…sorry)

Firstly, I have no idea why there are payphones here in Jakarta, as it seems that everyone has a “hand phone”.

Secondly, if payphone booths looked like this in North America they probably wouldn’t be disappearing as quickly as they are.

Thirdly, what is that above the phones?  The demon of telecommunications, from what I can tell.  Haven’t you thought, once in a while, that your phone experiences have been hellish, from billing to service to dropped calls.

Any guesses why there’s a demon’s head staring out from the payphone?


The paradox…

…of Jakarta is that there is incredible wealth and abject poverty.  There are designer clothing stores and a community of people who live in the garbage dump (one of many, I’m sure).  The difference, as I have been noting many differences between life here and “home” in North America, is that there is no way to escape the paradox of this city.

I was having this discussion with some of my colleagues (Chris, Glenn, Trent – I’m talking about you) and we talked about how easy it is, in the “developed world” to see poverty and those living in it, and then escape back to the suburb or neighborhood or gated community of your choice and forget what was just seen.  Here, in Jakarta, there is no escape.  The wealth lives next to the poverty.  The highly fortunate live behind a wall that is built against the open lot in which people barely subsist.  The Rolls Royce (and yes, there was one that passed me on my walk home from work last Thursday) drives right past the flower sellers and “Ayam Bakar” merchants.  They all live in the same place.

Purposeful ignorance is the only way to avoid seeing those who, by chance, were born into a life of poverty.  That’s the paradox of the city in which I live.

Pondok Indah Mall


Yup, another mall.  After the interesting notes I got about the last one, I figured I might as well shoot some photos of the next big mall I went to.  This is Pondok Indah Mall.  I think I may have seen about half of the mall…maybe a third.  This place is huge.  Jakarta knows how to build big when they build malls.

The road home

I rarely walk down this path because it is busier than the road I use, but this is one of the ways to my house.  If you’re wondering where the sidewalks are…they’re in the same place as the crosswalks…some other plane of existence.  As in, non-existent.