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Zombie Triptych

Kris (a friend and colleague) and I went trekking through the mud Monday to check out the recent renovations at our local graffiti venue.  The zombies are definitely a new(ish) addition to the area.  I posted a photo of the largest portion of the triptych on Monday, but after looking at all the photos, I thought it might be fun, morbid fun, to put them all together.

It’s certainly not something I’d hang on my wall at home, but I think it’s creepy cool.



…LESEN…and whatever else it says on the left side there.

I don’t know what “TIO” and “ETC” means, but I like this piece.  I stitched this together from about eight photos.  Here’s the odd part:  I didn’t notice the background to this piece until I saw it through my lens.  It’s so weird that the skulls were completely hidden to my naked eye, but, through the lens, the background stood out.

I feel like this might look like an exercise in PhotoShop skills, seeing as I’ve given you nothing to anchor this as a graffiti piece on a concrete wall, but I hope you like it anyway.  Someone took his time putting it up – I’m just publicizing it.

Family portrait?

Ooh…pretty, aren’t they?

They look like they’re hungry.

Making waves

This is a local coffee shop, about a kilometer from my house, that serves the spiciest chai tea lattes.  Apparently, they serve coffee, but I hate coffee so I cannot comment on the quality of the java.

I was on my way home from picking up medications for my son – he just had his tonsils and adenoids out today – and I spotted this pretty little scene.

By the way, the red sign in the background is Maru Sushi.  It’s a great spot in south Chilliwack (Sardis) for really great sushi.  I don’t like them, but my daughter loves the palm-sized California Rolls.  Their salmon rolls are awesome.

What should I do with a bag I don’t use?

I bought a shoulder bag from Old Navy years ago and it’s been sitting in my closet.  I found it while cleaning and decided that, seeing as I wasn’t using it anyway, I’d modify it and stencil a little something on it.  It’s a nice bag, but I’d nearly forgotten I had it.

I admit that I have a little problem when it comes to three things:  bags, jackets and shoes.

I buy shoes very rarely, but I’m very specific.  I buy shoes that I know will last many years.  My Doc Martens have been around for more than five years.  I have one pair of Converse All-Stars, but they’re Batman shoes (the DC Comics release last summer).  I’m pretty picky.

I love a good coat, but most of them serve both a fashion and practical purpose.

But bags?  I’ve got backpacks – a couple of different daypacks and I still have the first Mountain Equipment Co-op backpack I ever bought.  I’ve got a 100 liter duffle bag that my wife once climbed into.  I’ve got a laptop briefcase and a laptop backpack and two different camera bags – one to hold all of my gear and a smaller bag that’ll hold my camera and an extra lens.  And then there’s the…well, I think that’s enough.

I guess my other problem is that once I’ve got a good bag, pair of shoes or jacket, I’ll never let it go.  Why get rid of it if it works?  I’ve learned that if I’m not using it, I should get crafty and change it and then I’m suddenly more interested in using it.

Oh, and yes, that is Boba Fett.   I guess Star Wars would be my fourth “problem”.