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Strangers on a walk

Nothing like a walk at the lake on a sunny, cold winter morning.

Happy Boxing Day, everyone.


The non-Christmas Christmas post.

With the house in disarray, Lego and clothes all over the place and the family all happily lazy, I figured I’d post something peaceful.  This photo sums up the way I feel right now – placid.

Thanks, Christmas, for the peace that is existing in my house and heart right now.

Merry Christmas!

It would have been easy to snap a photo of a neatly wrapped package sitting under the tree, but I decided to test my ability to hold my camera steady.  I failed, quite spectacularly too, on most of my shots, but this one turned out.

Well, it turned out in a sort of abstract art kind of way, but that’s the way I remember most Christmases.  Abstractly.

Oh.  Merry Christmas.  I hope Santa was good to you.

Merry Christmas Eve (from the dock)

Winter sunsets are so convenient.  With the shorter days of winter, it’s much easier to get out and snap photos of sunsets than it is in the middle of summer.  As long as I’m willing to put up with colder days, I also get earlier sunsets.  I think that’s a good trade-off.

WordPress Photo Challenge: Between

I went out to the lake yesterday without knowing that WordPress’ Photo challenge would be “Between“.  Looks like I lucked out.