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“Rear Window”? Anyone here a fan of Hitchcock?

This photo reminds me of the “Rear Window”, the film by Alfred Hitchcock.

I love “Rear Window”.  Jimmy Stewart is great and brings such seriousness and levity to a role that confines him to a wheelchair.  It’s a great example of acting with restrictions.  Hitchcock’s direction is brilliant.  When Jimmy Stewart’s character sends Grace Kelly to the apartment in question and she nearly gets caught there…I nearly screamed, “Get out!  He’s coming!  Get out of there!”

Mind you, I do have a serious crush on Grace Kelly.  She is so stunning.  So beautiful…sorry…I got all caught up there.

Anyway, I snapped this last February while staying in Coquitlam.  I had to book the room again (staying there for exam marking) so it made me think of these photos.

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