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Too late. Can’t think. Must post.

I promise there’ll be something well thought out and nicely composed tomorrow.  For tonight, another treatment of the “drive home” photos.  Sorry.  G’night.

4 degrees and raining. I need some surf.

So, here is some surf.  It’s a shot I took in Oregon this summer.  I took whole bunch of shots along the beach so that on rainy, crappy days like today I could go to my photo files and feel the summer warmth.

Comfort from the past.


Who’s more powerful?

This was in my rear-view mirror on the way home, so I pulled off the highway and went for the nearest rest stop and snapped this.

It strikes me as poetic that the sun, this gigantic power source, is dwarfing the high-wire power lines.  Haha!  Take that, man-made structures.

How strong is your inner voice?

Very similar to a photo I posted last week, I know, but it’s Sunday and I’m quite enjoying a lazy day.  The Grey Cup is on, I made a coffee cake with my daughter, my son made a snow globe with my wife and there’s nothing else on the agenda…

Um…what about that marking and planning you should do…

Shut up, conscience.  The last thing I need is you telling me what to do.  I feel a little “Assassin’s Creed” calling me.

Um…or maybe work out next week’s classes.

I’ve got next week planned.  I’ll write it down yet tonight.

No, you won’t.  But you should.

Okay.  Fine.  I’ll go do some work…right after I eat some coffee cake.  Ha!  Take that, inner voice.

Strongly built: Rugged

I found this while out on a run this morning.  There’s this run-down, old gas station situated next to a pub.  Somehow, people who were drinking did not gas for their vehicles, so the gas station went out of business.

I particularly liked this gas pump, mostly because the face has been taken off to expose the inner workings.  They look like they might last forever.  Very strongly built.  I can’t imagine that the new pumps look anything like this inside.  I think it would look a lot more like circuit boards and wiring than it would look like the metal machinery of the pump pictured above.

I went for this definition of “Rugged” for this week’s Photo Friday Challenge.